What's Red Bull Doodle Art?

Red Bull Doodle Art is your chance to use your imagination and share your doodling skills with the world. One doodler from each region will score a trip to an exciting Virtual Reality art experience, where one international winner will be crowned!

In class, on the bus or at home... Where does the mind take you?

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Submission Process


Download and print the template


Draw and digitize your doodle

Take a photo of your work and save it as a JPG or PNG file.


Submit and Share

United States (West) submissions are closed.

During the voting phase, invite your friends to vote for your doodle!

Doodles must be hand-drawn. Doodles determined to be drawn on a computer or other electronic device will not be accepted.

Competition Format

Phase 1 of 4>

Doodle Submissions

During the submission phase, artists take part in the competition by simply uploading their doodles. There aren't many boundaries to where your mind can take you, just be sure to follow the rules!

<Phase 2 of 4>

Voting Phase

Once applications are over, it's time to get friends, family (and pretty much anyone) to vote for your doodle! If your entry is one of the top voted doodles in your region, you become a Region Finalist!

<Phase 3 of 4>

Region Winner

Once Region Finalists have been selected by the public, a panel of judges will select one single doodle from the finalists and crown it as Region Winner!

<Phase 4 of 4

Global VR Gallery

The Region Winner will join the other 40 winners from different parts of the world on a trip to the Global VR Gallery, where they will get the chance to take their artistic skills to Virtual Reality!

Make sense? Now get your doodle on!


Can I apply more than once?
Yes, it is possible to apply more than once however we encourage quality over quantity. Only applications received within the official application window of the country you are applying from will be accepted. A maximum of 2 applications per person will be considered in the region finalists phase.
What information is required for application?
To register your application, your full name, country, university, email address and age are required. Gender is an optional field.
Can I draw my doodle with anything?
Only doodles drawn with pen or pencil are accepted. We encourage the use of pen as this will scan more easily.
Does my doodle have to be black and white?
No, not necessarily. Color may also be used.
Can I work together with someone on a doodle?
No, all doodles must be the artwork of one individual.
Can I submit a doodle on anything?
No. Only doodles drawn on the official application sheets will be accepted. These can be downloaded directly from the website or collected on campus from a Red Bull representative.
Will I be able to keep my doodle (application sheet) or get it back?
If you apply directly online you will be able to keep your doodle. If you apply through a submission box, there is no guarantee you will be able to keep your doodle.
How old do I have to be to apply?
You must be 18 years old at the time of application.
Do I have to be a student to apply?
Yes, you must be a student who is enrolled at and currently studying at a higher education institution.
I'm on a semester abroad, what university or country do I apply from?
You must apply from the country you reside in during the time of application.
Can I vote more than once?
You can vote for as many entries as you like, but may only cast one vote per entry each day.
Do I need a Facebook account to vote?
When voting you must authenticate your identity with one of the following social media accounts to verify the vote: Facebook, Twitter.
Do social media likes and shares count as votes?
No. Only votes on the official website (doodleart.redbull.com) will count.
Can I use third-party services, "click farms", scripts, bots or other techniques to gain more votes?
No, only votes that are cast from social accounts of real people will be considered valid. We will keep a close eye on all entries to ensure everyone plays fair. If we determine that an entry has received votes through unfair methods, those votes will be deducted or the entry may be disqualified.
What is the wildcard entry?
The wildcard is a last chance entry to Red Bull Doodle Art 2017. To enter you must send your best Snapchat doodle to @redbull. Make sure to follow Red Bull on Snapchat (@redbull) and check the stories on May 2nd for full details of how to enter the wildcard.
Can I apply through the wildcard as well as a normal entry?
Yes, you can apply as both a normal entrant, and also as a wildcard entrant.
I have an additional question!
Check out our Terms & Conditions with all the event rules. In case you are still in doubt, send us an email on doodleart@support.redbull.com and we will reply as soon as possibe.